Welcome to Birds R us - Brampton

For the best Quality, Service, Prices and long term friendship buy from us. I will also Bird sit for you while you are away on Vacation.

     All babies are Spoonfed from three to four weeks old so they can make excellent pets or future breeders. I could DNA any bird at your cost if you like. Our service is backed by Twenty years of experience raising and selling birds. It is a true joy and hobby for us to do this in our home as a Family, it gives us tremendous pleasure.


Some of the species we currently breed:

  • African Greys - Congo & Timneh
  • Solomon Island Eclectus
  • Rose-Breasted Cockatoo
  • Hahn's Macaw
  • White Bellied & Black Headed Caiques
  • Quaker Parrot
  • Green-Cheeked Conure
  • Yellow-Sided Conure
  • Jardine Parrot
  • Meyers Parrot
  • Senegal Parrot


 What I do not breed, I could source from my many contacts across Canada.

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